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RockStar Chickens was born when a middle school boy’s entrepreneurial workshop assignment merged with a mothers love aka obsession with chickens….specifically Black Polish White Crested Bantams.

Our little family farm is located in Dripping Springs Texas, which is just outside of Austin. While we love all chickens, there is something very special about bantams, which are roughly 1/3 the size of regular chickens. And of all the bantams, Black Polish White Crested are without a doubt the most unique.

With their dramatic plumage and quirky personalities, they are truly a joy to own. It is pretty easy to understand why we call Black Polish White Crested the RockStars of the Chicken world, not only for their flashy plumage, but also for their dramatically endearing personalities.

While standard chickens sleep with their head under their wings, Black Polish ‘face plant’ when they get sleepy. It is the most adorable thing in the world to see them sleeping. They will either sleep flat on their backs, or stretched out, face first on the ground. It honestly looks like a RockStar who has had ‘one to many’. These precious little creatures have clearly been bred as strictly miniature ornamental pets who have zero survival skills.

Since Bantams are essentially ‘miniature chickens’, they also eat 1/3 the amount of full size chickens. The hens will lay an average of 200 eggs per year, and many people do not realize that you do not need a rooster to have a hen lay eggs!

Bantams are the perfect pet for a child, and can be kept inside, or out. For indoors, they actually make the cutest little diapers.

Should you get a Hen, Rooster, or Both?

Many people ask if they should get a hen or rooster. If you want to set them up for breeding your own flock, you will need both a rooster and no less than 3 hens but most breeders recommend 1 rooster for every 8 hens. Anything less than that and the ‘attentions’ of the rooster will be too much for your hens to handle. If you want an endearing pet that also provides breakfast, get hens. If you want a walking miniature comedian that will keep you laughing day and night, consider a rooster.

There is also a cosmetic difference between hens and roosters as well. The roosters tend to have the wildest crest, while the females have more of a 50’s bouffant.

While you never want 2 roosters with only a few hens, if there are no hens to fight over, you can also have a few roosters who will happily cohabitate.

5 Tips to Keep your Rockstar Chickens Happy