Of the 4 types of chickens RockStar Chickens focuses on breeding, all 4 are in the Livestock Conservatory WATCH category.

Polish clearly chose style over practicality, with their gorgeous crests limiting their vision. Because of this, we do not advise mixing Polish with other breeds within your flock, since they will typically be low on the pecking order and are often subjected to bullying. We always make a practice to trim their feathers around their eyes every month or so to help.

How can you tell if your chick is a Hen or Rooster?

It’s often easy to tell them apart just by looking at the feathers on their head. With that said, we cannot typically tell for the first few months, since the biggest indicator is their crest. If anyone can sex younger chicks, we would love to know your secret!

  • Polish roosters have topknots of feathers that are very flamboyant. The feathers are sharp-tipped and very tousled. If your bird looks like a crazy RockStar, they are male.
  • Polish hens have topknots that are very sleek and smooth. Their crests curve closer around their heads and are more like a bob than a mohawk. So if your chicken looks like a 50’s housewife with a perfectly coiffed bouffant, she is a hen!

Black Polish White Crested Bantams

There is no question that Black Polish White Crested Bantam Chickens are the most unique looking of all barnyard chickens.

They are the true RockStars of the Chicken world, and have the personality to match their crazy looks!

Because of their distinctive crest, their vision is often impaired, making them appear to be skittish. We always give them a little trim to help them see clearly, and have found that they are easily tamed with consistent handling.

While Polish are one of the oldest breeds of chickens in the world, many people are surprised that they are not originally from Poland. However they are named because their crests resemble the hats worn by the Polish military!

They are moderate layers, producing roughly 200 eggs per year.

These precious creatures have literally zero survival skills, and face-plant when sleeping.

They are easily the most curious, quirky and downright delightful of any chickens that we have raised.

Black Polish White Crested chicks have black bodies and prominent white domes. Their body is occasionally initially smoky grey which quickly darkens to black.

Silver Laced Polish Bantams

Silver Laced Polish chickens are exquisitely gorgeous, friendly, and good layers.

They are officially listed as moderate layers, producing roughly 200 white eggs per year. With that said, we have had some that greatly exceed that number, as well as a few that did not lay many eggs at all. In short, Silver Laced Polish are not what we consider reliable layers.

Polish can be kept in just about any climate, and as with all chickens, the concern is always that they become overheated as opposed to cold. Many more chickens die from heat exhaustion as opposed to the cold.

Polish are at easy risk of eye infection if the crests are not maintained.

WE have found them to be a calm docile bird ideal for confinement or urban situations.

Silver Spangled Hamburgs aka Romeo’s

We absolutely adore these spunky, curious birds. Predominately white with very distinctive black hearts, the hearts get more pronounced as they age.

The Silver Spangled Hamburg is a terrific choice for someone that wants uncommon, uniquely beautiful yard candy.

The Hamburg is a prolific layer of medium-sized white eggs. In fact, in the UK they are referred to as ‘Dutch Everyday Layer’. They are also very economical since they eat less than most other breeds.

The Silver Spangled Hamburg has luxurious greenish black spangles which look like black hearts on top of white plumage, giving them an utterly charming look. With their elaborate rose combs and white ear lobes, these are excellent small chickens when it comes to both egg production as well as beauty.

Baby chicks are a silvery grey with light and dark parallel strips running down their back.

White & Black Silkies, Showgirls & Strippers

Silkies are the cuddliest of all chickens and are ideal for beginners as well as children. Their lifespan is 7-9 years, and they are considered moderate layers, gifting us with cream to occasionally tinted colored eggs. One of ours lays the most beautiful, teal-colored eggs which are just delightful to add to our egg basket.

Because of their fluffy plumage, Silkies are more prone to parasites than regular chickens so it’s important to check them regularly for mites.

Because of their gentle nature, they are typically low on the totem pole when co-habitating with a mixed flock, so we always keep our separated.

The Showgirl Silkie is a very unique looking chicken that is a Silkie that has been cross bred with a turken or naked neck. Showgirls combine the features of these two to produce the strangest looking of all chickens. With their long naked necks outstretched, they look like little dinosaurs.

Stripper Silkies are produced when breeding two Showgirls together, resulting in a Stripper. These captivating creatures take the Showgirl look one step further, and do not have feathers on their neck or the front of their chest. They are truly unique looking birds combined with the sweetest demeanor, making them a family favorite.

Like regular Silkies, Showgirls & Strippers all have five toes and are dark skinned with a gorgeous walnut comb. While they come in a variety of colors, we strictly breed white and black ones.