Chicken Care

If you just want one or two, you can easily keep your bantam chickens inside. If you choose to have them outside, it is important to provide is a draft free coop.

Because of their crest, polish bantams are especially susceptible to predators, are often picked on by standard sized chickens, so it is important to keep them well protected and it is typically not advised to house them with full sized chickens.

A good guideline for space is to allow 2 square feet per chicken for bantams, as opposed to the recommended 4 square feet per bird for full sized chickens as a bare minimum. As always for all living creatures, the larger enclosure you can provide, the better.

There are a fantastic assortment of coops available, to fit every style and budget.

Fresh clean water should always be available, We are big believers in holistic preventative maintenance, so we always add a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar to their drinking water.

We have also found that liberally spreading hydrated lime around the coop the next boxes does a terrific job at naturally keeping pests at bay. We use Bonide Hydrated Lime.

Bantams also seem to thrive when provided with higher protein feed so you should ask your local feed store for recommendations. We use MannaPro GameBird Crumbles. While you should always have feed available to your bantams so they can eat at their leisure, you can expect your bantams to eat approximately ¼ per day. We always give our flock our table scraps, & they seem to enjoy the variety. They absolutely love all kinds of vegetables, and pumpkin also serves as fantastic natural protection against parasites. Scrambled eggs & omelets are especially enjoyed!

There is a plethora of information on the internet on additional care tips, and as always, before bringing a new pet home, you will want to do your research to ensure that you are providing everything possible to give your little RockStar Chickens all that they require to lead a long & healthy life.

Speaking of which, the average life span for bantams is 5-7 years, but we have actually had RockStars live to the ripe old age of 11.

5 Tips to Keep your Rockstar Chickens Happy